HAPPY SPACE provides a shared work, retail and event space; and opportunities to discover, experience, collaborate and create with Nature to nurture wellbeing.

Wellbeing Collaboratory

Wellbeing – the natural state of being healthy, or happy; being well, fully expressed, harmony with Nature.

Collaboratory – a place to do experiments together; to practice co-creating with Nature and nurturing wellbeing; provide opportunities to develop creative solutions to current challenges.

Join the wellbeing economy! Contact us if you feel inspired to create with Nature and nurture wellbeing in this HAPPY SPACE … or the next. We are looking for other wellbeing collab sites, let us know if you would like to explore more with us.

[email protected].

HAPPY SPACE is a division of Happiness Is  …  a Cape Town based enterprise founded on the universal principle of happiness; researching and developing wellbeing products and services that are good, green & beautiful.